Crowns & Bridges In Katy, TX

Suffering from a tooth loss issue? Or are you at a juncture where you need to choose from an array of restorative procedures to resolve your missing tooth problem? Both Dental Crowns and Bridges are procedures that pave your way in achieving this goal. However, you must be bothering about weighing the efficacy of these procedures. Let us see what Dental crowns and Bridges are in a nutshell.

Dental Crowns In A Brief

A crown is made of porcelain which is fused to metal. It could also be made of ceramic, resin or even stainless steel! Porcelain takes the shape of a tooth and makes up the front part of the crown, which is the visible part of your crown. The metal support that is fitted from behind, could be made up of anything - gold, base metal or other alloys. It takes at least two dentist appointments. Your dentist takes the impression of the teeth and fixes the mold of the teeth.

The tooth impressions are sent to the dental laboratory to tailor the crown. In the next visit, the permanent crown is fitted to his mouth and your dentist prescribes the details that needs to be done to take care of it.

Since porcelain is not as bite resistant as the metals, it may chip over time, thus exposing the metals. Hence the porcelain fusion is not recommended for molars (back teeth) which withstands maximum biting pressures!

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Dental Bridges - An Overview

Dental bridges as the name suggest has the word “bridge” which generally serves the purpose of lessening a gap inside your mouth. A Bridge consists of two or more teeth, which are placed by using dental crowns (abutments). It is a kind of prosthetic apparatus that is used to spot the area of the missing teeth. Crowns are attached at each end of it. Artificial tooth fills the gap and connects with the crown.

Bridges primarily are of three types:

  • Traditional Bridge has a crown-like structure that connects on each side of the artificial teeth.
  • The cantilever is a process when the crown gets attached to the artificial teeth.
  • Maryland Bridge this includes crown which gets attached to the existing teeth.

Facts About Dental Bridges

  • Dental bridges are permanent solutions for missing teeth. Therefore they are often preferred over removable dentures.
  • It is fixed strongly to hold the crown. Unlike dentures that are removable, they do not run the risk of falling out.
  • Users take less time to adjust this in mouth.
  • Unlike removable dentures, this is light in weight.
  • Not many appointments are needed; Two to three sessions are needed after the surgical insertion is made in the bone.

To cut it short bridges serve the purpose of making up for a length of gap created by missing teeth, whereas crowns are used to support the bridges mostly. Crowns are also used to cover a damaged tooth - cracked, broken or chipped. It then functions like a normal tooth and also protects the damaged one beneath!

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