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Your smile can tell a lot about your personality, nothing can restrict you from laughing your heart out if your teeth are healthy and look sparkling white. However, staining and discoloration of teeth can not only have an impact on the way you smile but could also be an indication of poor dental hygiene. Teeth whitening is one such dental treatment that improves the appearance of your teeth aesthetically.

A Whitening treatment is certainly effective, but it is also affordable. There are a few categories of the treatment which have been discussed below.

Insight Into the Types of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: In this procedure of teeth whitening, first a coating is applied to your gum tissue as well as tips to protect them. Then a teeth whitening gel is put on your teeth and ultraviolet light is used to activate it. This whitening process could take just one visit for its completion.

Zoom Teeth Whitening: The very first step in this process is similar to teeth whitening as your gums and lips are coated with a protective layer. Then a zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel will be applied to your teeth which will be activated with the use of a zoom lamp. The whitening gel might be applied thrice and each session can last for 15 minutes.

At-Home Teeth Whitening: The at-home whitening kits consist of a gel and a mouth-guard and it is an extremely cost-effective treatment.

What Triggers Tooth Discoloration?

Right from not maintaining a meticulous oral routine to having a lot of acidic foods and beverages, there could be many reasons behind a discolored set of teeth. Our enamel has porous structures which can absorb the coffee, red wine or the tea that you are having and lead to discoloration or staining. Smoking is another major cause, tobacco also forms dental plaque which can even give rise to gum disease if not removed.

What Measures Should Be Followed to Prevent Discolored Tooth?

  • Cut down on your intake of coffee, tea, and other acidic beverages.
  • Scrape your tongue every day because brushing and flossing twice might not complete your oral routine.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse your mouth every day.
  • Make changes to your diet and add a lot of nutrients and natural minerals to it.

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