Advantages Of Our Dental Implants

  • Dental Implant provides that support which restores your full chewing power as natural teeth.
  • It functions just like your normal original teeth. After surgery one cannot distinguish between the natural teeth and the implantation.
  • It constricts bone loss that occurs beneath a missing tooth in the gums. By preserving bone mass, your natural teeth are properly maintained too and remain in good shape and condition.
  • Implant-supported teeth are close enough to prevent flexibility so that it does not shift its position.
  • Improved speech. Often restorations like dentures, if ill-fitted, can slip off inside the mouth causing uneasiness within the mouth. But implants do not run the risk of falling out very easily unless an accident occurs.

The Dental Implantation Procedure

  • Here is the step-by-step process for a dental implant. You can have an idea about the same before you decide to go for an implantation procedure.
  • Extraction: If a particular tooth is badly damaged due to an accident or simply bacterial decay the affected tooth needs to be removed or extracted first. This is done keeping in mind that the bone mass in the area surrounding the socket is intact.
  • Grafting the socket: The site of the extracted tooth is normally cleared off using a fine surgical curette. After the granular material is cleared off the walls of this hollow are also often scrapped to initiate some amount of bleeding! This is done so that the implants get a strong base. The socket is then filled with some grafting material and the site is allowed to heal.
  • Placing the implant: Holes are drilled into the jawbone surgically and the implants are posted there. There are two implants on either side of the empty site- they actually serve the purpose of your natural tooth roots!
  • Placing the abutment: An abutment serves the purpose of a base upon which the artificial tooth (crown) will be finally placed. Abutments just past the gum line such that they are slightly visible when you open your mouth. They keep themselves attached to the implants. Once the shape and shade of the artificial tooth are determined, it is placed atop the abutment.
  • Choosing your artificial tooth: The purpose of dental implants is not completely achieved until the artificial tooth is placed. The choice of the artificial tooth totally rests upon the candidate. One may go for a fixed or a removable tooth. If you choose to have your tooth removed while cleaning or taking rest you might go for the removable ones. However, if you are lazy enough, go for the fixed ones!

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Your Tooth Loss Is No Longer A Permanent Issue!

From the very procedure of dental implants, it is evident that the process is comprehensive, time-consuming but largely effective in solving your missing tooth issue.

It’s primary virtues are:

  • Its success rate is nearly 98 %!
  • It is a permanent solution as it does not run the risk of falling off.
  • It gives you an absolutely natural look.
  • Since it does not need to be opened out and worn regularly, maintenance is comparatively less complicated.

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